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Rules for applying to the Service and Support Service Teamo


Before submitting an appeal or a question, read the already available information on this issue in the section Help


Formulate as briefly as possible, but accurately and in detail, your questions and a description of the problem. For a more prompt decision, your message must contain: - the mailing address (if you are not authorized at this moment on the site) - a description of the problem itself and the actions that most likely led to its occurrence - a section of the site or a page where the problem is observed - the time of the problem (for example: February 10 at 15:30) - the version of your browser and operating system (for example: Firefox 3.5.1, Windows 7 Home


Not processed messages that meet the following criteria: - No return mailing address is specified, it is listed with errors or does not exist - Incorrectly formulated question or no description of the problem - Inappropriate lexicon, slander and insults are used - Repeated messages there is from one addressee with an identical question)


Messages are processed in the order they are received. The following factors affect the maximum response time for a message: - time of day and day of the week - importance of treatment - the completeness of the information provided by you. In most cases, you will receive a response to your message from a period of 5 minutes after receiving it by a Support Specialist. The maximum response time, as a rule, does not exceed 24 hours on weekdays.


In the event that you paid for the activation of the paid account by sending an SMS, you have a confirmation of the charge of funds in the amount indicated on the site for the service you selected and its expiration date, and the service was not directly provided to Teamo, < / strong> - You need to provide the following information for us: - The number from which you sent the message - The number to which the message was sent - The text of the message you wrote completely - The time and date of sending - The login (postal address) of the account to which the message was sent attempt but activate the service


If you want to request a resend of the confirmation code , be sure to preview the messages in the Spam or Doubtful section (depending on your email service), and to correctly receive mail from Teamo, add the sender to "White list", "Trusted" or in the address book (depending on your mail service). Keep in mind that letters are not delivered instantly and the delivery time depends not only on Teamo, but also on the mail service you are using, as well as the state of your mail